David Rudnick

Chief Technology Officer

David Rudnick spent the last 16 years trying to make watching television more interesting. From pioneering time shifted television (years before TiVo and VOD) to the early designs of Electronic Program Guides and the latest developments in Advanced Television applications, Rudnick has honed his skills on delivering and interpreting a better viewer experience.

Mr. Rudnick founded The Band in 2006, with the idea of making Advanced Television applications a better experience for advertisers, content developers and service providers. In 2010 Rudnick, and founding partner Pat Ivers sold The Band to Delivery Agent.

Prior, Mr. Rudnick has worked at senior levels in the development and implementation of advanced television with companies such as TMG, Discovery Networks, TV Guide, TCI and Liberty Media Companies. Rudnick also holds several patents in advanced television navigation and guidance.

His favorite shows are Gong Show, Love Boat (Drinking Version), and Twilight Zone.

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