Mike Fitzsimmons

Chief Executive Officer

As Delivery Agent’s Chairman and CEO, Mike Fitzsimmons has developed and commercialized the only omni-channel platform connecting television viewers with products seen on, and related to, their favorite TV shows, advertisements, movies and sports. Under his leadership, Delivery Agent has grown to become the No. 1 Privately Held Media Company as rated by Inc. Magazine, and has firmly established itself as the leading platform for television commerce.

Prior to founding Delivery Agent, Mr. Fitzsimmons led Product Marketing and Business Development for Something Now, Inc., which was acquired by CNET Networks. At Something Now, Mr. Fitzsimmons helped develop the industry’s first synchronized e-commerce application enabling real-time promotion of related consumer electronics products and services online. Before his work at Something Now, Mr. Fitzsimmons was a member of Circuit City Stores, Inc. Corporate Development and Direct Response Divisions.

As a recognized expert on e-commerce and convergence, Mr. Fitzsimmons has been featured on CNBC, PBS and Bloomberg as well as in interviews with Forbes, Reuters, Hollywood Reporter, Wall Street Journal, CNN/Money, , BBC, E-Commerce Times and Variety. Mike has also spoken at premiere industry events including CES, TV of Tomorrow, The Media and Entertainment Forum, The Aspen Institute, Ad Tech and On Hollywood among others.

A native of Virginia, Mr. Fitzsimmons is a graduate of Hampden Sydney College with a degree in Economics.

His favorite TV shows are House of Cards and Ray Donovan and enjoys watching pretty much anything that has a score associated with it.

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