Peter Lai

President, Ecommerce

Peter Lai, 26-year retail veteran, serves as Delivery Agent’s President of Ecommerce responsible for the company’s global operation. Mr. Lai spent his entire professional career focusing on merchandise and the customer – from front end store merchandising to back end operation excellence and everything in between. Prior to joining Delivery Agent, Mr. Lai spent seven years at Amazon in key positions for both their retail and seller business units including acting as General Manager of their retail clothing and jewelry business.

Prior to Amazon, Mr. Lai held executive positions with two global companies – The Body Shop and Duty Free Shoppers. His experience included leadership roles in strategic planning, merchandising and supply chain functions.

Mr. Lai is a native of Hong Kong and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Wisconsin, Madison.

His favorite shows are Scandal, Suits, and The Good Wife.

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