Focused on maximizing the convergence of content, community, and commerce, Delivery Agent’s marketing team develops multi-channel commerce marketing programs for entertainment and media companies. Data is at the foundation of everything we do. We base our approach on data relevant to the entertainment and media industry – namely viewership and social media engagement trends – in order to quantify the overall opportunity, and to ultimately measure how effectively we monetize that opportunity. Having a decade of experience converting fans of entertainment content into consumers, Delivery Agent can create and market an interactive experience that delivers the right products to the right consumers at the right time with a vigilant focus on core metrics —viewership, social engagement, visits, conversion and aov. Delivery Agent’s customer acquisition group works with you to integrate commerce where content is consumed and discussed by entertainment fans, in order to convert them into entertainment shoppers. Delivery Agent’s customer retention group leverages consumer transactional and behavioral data in order to establish their entertainment, shopping, and device preferences, and develops retention programs based on those preferences in order to drive continued engagement and repeat purchase activity.

Our entertainment commerce marketing specialists are focused on long-term multi-channel planning with the ability to respond to short-term opportunities, integrating products and commerce messaging into social, web, and on-air experiences, as well as performance measurement analysis based on viewership and social engagement data.

Delivery Agent offers marketing services as part of its full service offering or on an as needed basis. These services include:

Email Marketing

We understand the power of creating e-mail communications with personalized, engaging, and highly targeted messages that are based on a consumer’s behavior and preferences. Our proprietary data warehouse enables you to deliver relevant, data-driven email campaigns that align with your brand’s overall marketing mix.

• Ability to deliver dynamic, highly targeted e-mail marketing campaigns driven by actionable customer data.

• A powerful technology platform that scales to meet the needs of entertainment and media companies.

• Campaign optimization and ease of integration across e-mail, mobile, and social channels.

• Data security backed by ISO-27001 certification.

• Data security backed by ISO-27001 certification.

We also realize the importance of getting into your consumers in-box in a timely manner, so we closely monitor and report on deliverability, ensuring your message is effectively reaching your consumer.

Search Engine Optimization

We believe that organic search is one of the most powerful forms of customer acquisition, and that businesses can scale and grow in a significant way through the channel. We partner with one of the leading enterprise SEO technology platforms on the market that unlocks ways to scale, discover opportunities and measure success of the channel. Through on-site content development, on-page code, and off-page link building, we manage all aspects of a successful SEO program for entertainment and media companies.

Search Engine Marketing

We leverage Adode’s SearchCenter bid management technology for paid search, enabling for real-time bid updates synced to Omniture web analytics performance data. A fully integrated Adobe* platform enables our campaign managers to understand the dynamic between paid search and other marketing campaigns, and shift your marketing dollars for maximum exposure and return. We manage search campaigns to your budget and ROI goals, and can scale keyword volume significantly.

Affiliate Marketing, Comparison Shopping Engines, & Retargeting

We have existing relationships with all major online affiliate networks and comparison shopping engines, and manage recruitment, relationship management, data feed syndication, creative services, incentives, slotting fee placements and analysis. For retargeting, we work with several ad networks in order to present display ads to potential buyers who visit but abandoned their entertainment shopping activity. Retargeting program benefits include:

• Custom Quality Scoring: Predictive models that identify the highest quality.

• Real-time Bidding: Allocate more spending on highest-value customers in ad auctions.

• Dynamic, Personalized Ads: Contextual Ads based on user browsing behavior.

• Transparent Pricing: 100% click-based conversion, CPA.

Retail Syndication

We have created a syndication network of retail destinations including, eBay, and Barnes & Noble, that enables your entire product assortment to reach these large audiences efficiently and effectively. Our syndication network is turnkey, and we’ll strive to make your brand achieve Amazon Platinum and eBay Powerseller account status.