Delivery Agent Discusses the Monetization of Advanced Advertising at DMW Video: Future of Television Conference

San Francisco – August 5, 2014 — Delivery Agent, Inc., the market leader in turning TV viewers into customers for more than 350 of the world’s leading global brands, today announced its participation in DMW Video, the show that delves into the future of television and entertainment.

About Delivery Agent, Inc.

Delivery Agent is part of a Monetization Panel on Advanced Advertising: The Promise & Opportunity. Advertisers today are increasingly demanding targeting, tracking and measurement across platforms – TV, PC, mobile, and out-of-home – and expecting demonstrable ROI on ad spends that goes beyond awareness to consumer engagement and even direct sales. Delivery Agent will highlight the benefits brands can expect, and have realized, from real-time metrics, contextual creative delivery and seamless integration as delivered by advanced advertising solutions.

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