Delivery Agent is pioneering the evolution of transactional advertising reaching over eighty-five million television households and millions of consumers via web, mobile and tablet, with the goal of making your brand advertising deliver greater ROI.

Add a Transactional Call-to-Action to Your Advertising
Your television advertising is capable of being more engaging and more successful.

Add a transactional call-to-action to engage consumers and generate leads and sales. Whether you are interested in selling a product directly to consumers or launching an RFI campaign, Delivery Agent has architected and built a data system to launch and manage your transactional call-to-action campaign across disparate systems both at an operator level and at a platform level.

Managed programs can include t-commerce click-to-buy, click-to-call, RFI, sweepstakes, polling, voting and more.

A benefit of a transactional call-to-action campaign is the analytics generated. Delivery Agent reporting allows advertisers access to data on a weekly and monthly basis detailing the effectiveness of each operator and platform individually as well as the campaign as a whole. This data is used to optimize campaigns on an ongoing basis.

Leverage Your Entertainment Connection with a Brand Activation Campaign

For brands with a tie to entertainment content, Delivery Agent’s brand activation solutions enable you to promote your association with entertainment content and connect with highly engaged show fans across web, mobile, tablet and television.

We don’t have to look very far to find our brand partners these engaged show fans. Delivery Agent runs interactive commerce sites and applications for 40+ entertainment brands and 350+ entertainment properties reaching millions of consumers. Whether you’ve entered into a large integration deal or a production team’s just used your product on set or you just want to target an entertainment audience, we have the tools and distribution to reinforce your entertainment connection and deliver your message to the right audience.