Digital Delivery

Content consumption patterns have evolved and Delivery Agent’s platform is keeping step to ensure that content owners can securely, easily and conveniently offer consumers digital goods in their own private label digital marketplace. This offering puts revenue and control back in the hands of the content owner and gives consumers the ability to browse, rent, purchase, manage and enjoy your private label digital library on multiple platforms and connected devices — TVs, Computers, Tablets, Game consoles, Blu-ray players, Internet TVs and Smartphones.

Your digital storefront allows you to own the sign-up, purchase, authentication, content delivery, customer management and analytics end-to-end. Your digital catalog can be contextually managed in your private label storefront along with your physical goods to maximize revenue and offer consumers their choice of how they want to engage with your content.

Private label digital store-front highlights:

• OTT Direct to Consumer

• UltraViolet Strategy and Support

• PCI  Compliant

• Multiple DRM support including Intel HD

• Flexible Business Models (Sell, Rent, Subsidize, Syndicate, Advertise or accept sponsorship). We enable revenue anywhere anytime.

• Platform and Device Agnostic (TVs, Computers, Tablets, Game consoles, Blu-ray players, Internet TVs and Smartphones) — we support them all

• Promotional toolset. Develop campaigns on your own or allow our expert team to create them for you

• Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Group on, Linkedin, MSN)

• Global Distribution. Once content is digital it has global reach. Connections to over 80 acquiring partners globally, access to 200 forms of local payments in 170 countries

• Physical + Digital,  Bundling,  If you can think it, we can build it